Krabi Wedding Photographer

    Krabi is one of Thailand’s most popular destination wedding location in Thailand, blessed with white sandy beaches, stunning islands, and massive limestone cliffs. So finding the best Krabi wedding photographer is important when planning a wedding in Krabi, there are number of awesome wedding venues you can choose from. Some of the beautiful Krabi, Thailand wedding venues to consider are:

Krabi, Thailand is a truly amazing place for a destination wedding so much that the movie “The Hangover” chose this location to film the wedding scenes of the movie. My favorite part about photographing Krabi weddings is the landscape it has is like NO other in Thailand and the sunsets on the beach are the best in the country.

Daniel Baci is a professional Krabi wedding photographer, who knows how to deal with unexpected problems such as rain and light not suitable for photography and get beautiful images. Daniel Baci is extremely creative, energetic, enthusiastic, very easy to communicate with and can be flexible to fit your needs.

Daniel Baci Photography offer discounted photography and videography package deal so if you also fancy wedding videography you’ll save $150-$300usd off the retail prices when you hire him for both services.

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Below are some FAQ

  • Question: Whats the best Krabi wedding venue? 
  • Answer: Krabi has some amazing wedding venues, I am not sure if there is a best venue but they has some of the best 5 star luxury resorts in Thailand with amazing views so it depends on what you need. As a Krabi wedding photographer and videographer I am happy to shot at them all. Below is a video I made naming the TOP 3 BEST Krabi wedding venue’s.
  • Question: Who is the best Krabi Wedding photographer & videographer?
  • Answer: Well being its a popular wedding destination there are many good Krabi wedding photographers and videographers but only YOU can decide who the best is. Because its not about who is most popular or most expensive that make for the best Krabi photographer and Krabi wedding videographer, its who is best for you. Who fits your style, your budget, who do you want as a guest at your destination wedding in Krabi?
  • Question: How many weddings have you been hired for as a Krabi Wedding Photographer and Videographer?
  • Answer: Its hard to say how many weddings I have photographed in Krabi, I’ve shot weddings all over Thailand and the world BUT Krabi is my 3nd biggest market so if I were to guess I’d say that I have been hired as a Krabi wedding photographer and videographer well over 50 times so I am very familiar with the island and the local vendors.  
  • Question: When will you arrive in Krabi and will we meet before the wedding?
  • Answer: I normally arrive in Krabi late afternoon one day before your wedding to make sure we get there safely and are rested. Do to the nature of a destination wedding we dont always get to meet before the wedding day just due to your schedule and mine. Will all the traveling you have to do, greeting family who are just arriving and working out the final wedding details its hard to always make time. However for some its very important to it is always offered even if we can not meet in person due to schedules we can always have a quick video call. 

Below are some of the Krabi wedding photography taken by Daniel Baci.