It all depends on the rep, experience, professionalism and quality of the product & company but price can range from as little as $900 for a full day for a Thailand wedding videographer and $500 for a full day of a Thailand wedding photographer on LOW end here in Thailand. Remember though “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR” so dont expect amazing or even good as you’ll get only “good enough” to keep and you can expect little to no communication via email, no detailed info, no legal contracts to protect you and poor customer service in general. You will not have to deal with that if you hire Daniel Baci for your Thailand wedding, he is a native english speaker with a college degree, he will reply to your emails promptly, will answer any/all questions, will give you details about what to expect on your wedding day and after, he will draw you a LEGAL contract/agreement to protect your investment!.. Mid to higher end photographer & videographer here in Thailand will charge between $1300-$2500+ for videography (full day) and $1100-$4000usd for photography (full day), and yes you get what you pay for, quality service, quality images that last forever!.

Feeding Your Photographer

-YES, if my team and I are at your wedding longer then 6 hours of coverage, please, please give us a 10-15 minute break around dinner and have food prepared for us or just simply invite us to grab a plate and eat from the buffet. We work very hard, running around in the heat here in Thailand and when dinner arrives we start to feel weak and dehydrated, we are not picky on what we eat or drink, fried rice and cold water is fine. Once feed we can remain focused, alert and creative!.


Shipping of an Hard Drives, sd cards, usb drives or photo albums of your Thailand wedding will have a small shipping fee, fee’s vary in price depending on how you’d will it handled (Express, registered, FedX) and your home Country. Please visit Thailands post website for pricing. – Any bank or transfer fee’s client’s must pay, but we love cash so saves us both.


Travel Fee’s: We are Phuket based so any wedding within Phuket there is no charge, however if your Thailand wedding is in Koh Samui, Krabi or elsewhere in Thailand then travel charges apply. The cost depends on where in Thailand and what wedding photography and/or wedding videography packages you require, in simple terms how many staff members do I need to travel with me. 

– YES, but depending how much you want changed is what I will charge “NO FREE RE-EDITING”. Also remember due to the amount of work I have I dont save your footage for that long after edit, as soon as you see sample via media share or Youtube I will then shortly after delete your footage to make room for other projects.

– After I have sent you your downloadable link(s) or sent your USB/SD/Hard drives and you confirm via email that you have received the product I only keep the images/videos on file saved on my HDD and/or google drive for 4-6 weeks before I delete all finished and RAW images… Please once you have received your links please download and make copies because we can not be responsible for any lost images/videos because you forgot to download or make copies and do to the amount of work flow we have we can not hold on to your images/videos for much longer then described above.

I always tell my client 8-16 weeks depending on the time of year, it all depends on how busy we are sometimes less but rarely more, plus I do like to take my time in post production but standard time in high season is 8-16 weeks and could be a little longer if I or my staff have any public holidays, personal leave/sickness, public or personal holiday’s…. Everything is stated in our wedding contract agreement so please acknowledge this before hiring us, thank you.

Yes! I am a Phuket based photographer, but spend 50% of my time in Koh Samui and Krabi but can photograph or film your destination weddings all over Thailand, Asia or anywhere you would like, we have covered weddings in Sri Lanka, Bali, Maldives, Hong Kong, Italy, and USA so far so I’d be more then happy to travel to your destination wedding.

I use the best cameras on the market, 1x Sony A7r3 + 1x Sony A74 with Sony and Sigma glass. 

Please send me your details and I will make our wedding contract/agreement for you and we require a $200-$300 deposit to confirm your booking.

As a film producer and a business owner we want to please our client as much as we can, however as a film maker we know what works and what doesn’t for a film. As a film maker we have 100% creative control (as stated in our Wedding contract) our job is to try and deliver you the best product and a song can really make or break a video. What I ask is that you select 5 songs, and out of the 5 songs you select I try and see if any of them work with the footage, in most cases at least 1 of them do however if none of them work I will let you know and we will make the song selections that fit your video the best.

A Wedding contract is just a legal agreement between us, although we would all love to live on just “trust”, you hiring a photographer or videographer from over sea’s may make you nervous so this contract with “all” my personal and company info on it will hopefully help you feel more conformable. The contract also states all the logistics that will protect you the client and me the supplier, in case anything corresponded is misunderstood etc., its just professional all photographers normally have one. Here take a look through a sample contract, this is what it will contain-click link–> Wedding contract

My couples come from all over the world for their destination Thailand wedding but most couples come from the following countries:

Hong Kong (35%)
Australia (35%)
Singapore (15%)
New Zealand (5%)
Everywhere else in the world (10%)

When I am not traveling around for wedding shoots I live in Phuket most of the time but I also call Koh Samui my 2nd home!.. I originally come from Cape Cod, MA., USA but moved to Phuket in 2009.
(My address: Tantong Villa Phuket, Thailand 83000)

I Understand sometimes your wedding package from the resort or wedding planner may come with a “in-house” photographers or some couples just want as many photograph’s of their wedding day as possible!. I am totally cool with that as long as the other photographers know that I am the “official photographer” and I require to lead the day and expect the other photographers to stay out of my way so there is NO distractions (this could effect my product quality).. I am very easy going and my focus is the following 1- My client happiness and 2- my product quality so if you plan to have another photographer onsite its best we communicate with each other before the start of the day so we can work together and not against each other for the sake of your wedding photography.. I would advise if the person is a friend/guest at the wedding and will be taking photos at your wedding that he/she limit what they will be doing as this can be distracting so LOL NO walking around during the ceremony taking cell phone photo’s please!

No sorry any wedding “inside” the country of Thailand I only accept THB (Thai Baht) currency, I may quote in USD sometimes as it is an easier global currency people understand but final payments must be in THB at the currency exchange rate at the time of quotation if quoted in a different currency or you can refer to the currency conversion rate stated in our contract/agreement.. For weddings outside of Thailand a seperate agreement can be made.

Phuket wedding photographer