Phuket Wedding Videographer | Cinematographer

So, you are just engaged and looking for a Phuket wedding videographer?, you came to the right place. We would be honored to be a part of your Phuket wedding celebration, to capture all your special moments for you and make memories come alive again with just a press of the play button. Phuket is the perfect place for a magical wedding and one of the most important location for destination weddings, the dream for any wedding videographer.

As an expert Phuket wedding videographer, we will be able to capture all special moments – laughter, tears of joy and other candid moments and make memories that you will cherish forever.

Wedding videography or cinematography as some call it has become very popular over the years and with its popularity has come some really beautiful cinematic wedding films!. Before stressing its costs just remember this one in a lifetime day will pass by so quickly that remembering its details will be near impossible. The difference between wedding photography and videography is that photo’s are moments frozen in time but what they lack is reference where the moment came from, with video you really get the whole story!. We provide the best Phuket wedding videography service in Thailand.

Daniel Baci & The Baci Productions have been creating wedding video throughout Thailand since 2011 with hundreds of weddings under our belt we can always guarantee a high level of professional quality every time. If you need professional video production services in Phuket and the surrounding parts of Thailand at the most attractive price, you won’t find a better option in Phuket than the Daniel Baci Photography & Videography.

Here is just a few of many weddings we filmed here in Phuket, Thailand…. If you’re in need of a Phuket wedding videographer or all around professional videography services, contact us today for a free price quote. Hire us for both Photography & Videography and receive a big discount!

Phuket Wedding Videography Samples

Yang & Damien | Phuket Wedding

Tahnee & Ivan | Phuket Wedding

Sri Panwa Resort | Phuket Wedding

Sava Villa | Phuket Wedding


The costs of a Phuket wedding videographer depends on the package you require. Wedding videography packages coverage starts at 6 hours to 12 hours of coverage however we can make a custom package that suits your needs such as a 2-3 hour package. Another cost factor is how many videographers/cinematographers are needed, all packages require 2 videographers and for best results I always recommend 3 to maximise our efficiency, in particular bigger weddings will require a team of 3.  

This will depend on a few things, 1 what time a year your Phuket wedding will be. We have a high season and a low, in high season we tend to be very busy travelling and shooting weddings, giving us little time to be sitting in the office editing. But in general I will need 6-12 weeks and in some cases up to 16-20 weeks. Your wedding video take a lot of time to process once we get started, we have to sift through hours of footage from sometimes up to 5 cameras to pick the very best clips to edit down to a small highlight video then sync audio and camera angles to complete the full version video. Trust me its VERY labour intensive!

We do offer a “Rush editing service” where a dedicated video editor will make it a priority to get your video done by your deadline, this works well for our Chinese wedding couples who may have another wedding ceremony or function back home a few weeks after their Phuket wedding.   

Our Phuket wedding videography packages come with 2 videos, one short highlight video with music that is edited with cinematic effects, transitions, music, storytelling and narration. This short video is anywhere between 2min-8min depending on the coverage, narration and content we have to edit. The 2nd video is just a full version reference video of all the major formalities of your Phuket wedding day, such as ceremony, speeches, cutting cake, first dance. Unlike the short highlight video we do not edit cinematically, we simply sync all the camera angles and professional audio, cutting between different angles so you can watch your full wedding day as it happened.