Thailand Wedding Videography Package Enhancements

Package Enhancements

  Now bring home even more from your Thailand wedding with Daniel Baci’s Thailand wedding enhancement packages!. Really take advantage of your videography by adding more items such as:

 Video Booth: Your wedding videographer will set up a video booth at the end of the night where guests can privately leave a video message. This is alot of fun especially towards the end of the night once people have had a few drinks.

– Raw Unedited Footage: Take home not just your edited Thailand wedding videos but take it all!, take all the footage from the cameras so you’ll have the highest quality of uncompressed video footage of things that may have been left out of the edited versions. This is great for editing your own wedding videos in the future.   

Drone: This is now included in most Thailand wedding videography packages. 

Same Day/Rush Editing: Same day/rush editing services are great for Chinese traditional weddings mainly. Many couples will have a Chinese Tea ceremony with games in the morning and want to have it viewed for guests during the dinner. The rush editing is great if you don’t want to wait the standard 8-12 weeks for the edited video to be delivered. We can rush edit your wedding video within 2-4 weeks.

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