W Retreat Koh Samui Wedding

It was a long 14 hour day for “THE BACI PRODUCTIONS” http://www.TheBaciProductions.com starting at 8am at the W Retreat Koh Samui with our amazing young loving Canadian/Chinese couple whom now live in Hong Kong. The morning ceremonies started out as a normal HK Chinese Wedding with the Gate cashing game followed by the 2 Tea Ceremonies at 2 different locations, 1 W Retreat Koh Samui and the 2nd at the Tongsai Bay Resort, then we head back to the W for some food followed by a photoshoot just before we left for Tongsai Bay Resort again for the Western Ceremony. The day went very well with many thanks to a very welcoming party, I feel SO lucky sometimes when I get the chance to work with such great people, especially on such a long day that we had, my team of 5 (2 photographers and 3 Videographers) were very well taken care of which always makes the day go by so much smoother and it allows us to be more creative!…. If I was to post on FB right now I would say ~~~~Feeling Blessed~~~~

Here are some photos of the day more to come and the video shortly after….