Lois + Emmanuel – Phuket | Thailand | Wedding | Video

The perfect couple, the perfect Phuket, Thailand venue and a beautiful setting we had at Lois + Emmanuel Wedding. We had overcast weather so it was a bit gray out early on but no one expected rain till late, maybe a small passing shower during the day but in my 4+ years shooting Weddings in Thailand I have never seen rain during a ceremony it always happens just before or just after (if before plan B is in effect somewhere inside). So the ceremony starts with little concern about rain, I could see a rain cloud in the far distance but from my experience we had a good 20 minutes before it would hit us, not more then 2-3 minutes into the ceremony where the celebrant was speaking it started down pouring with heavy winds!…. In my head I was thinking my GOD poor couple, they came all the way to Thailand to have a Sea view/Beach front sunset Wedding and its raining!, but when 2 people truly love each other any rain, snow, hale, earthquakes etc dont really matter because they are just in the moment, lost in eachothers eyes, a moment of pure bliss so this didnt seem to bother them at all!…. Me on the other hand was also thinking about “A” my very expensive equipment – where was my camera case laying, is it safe?, should I keep recording? Canon claims this camera is “splash” proof, even though they had umbrellas out my camera (and myself) were getting soaked!… “B” I was thinking about the quality of the final video I have to produce as we had such a good start, great venue etc. and the ceremony part is so key to a great video!, oh the stress BUT…….

Despite the crazy down pouring rain we had during the ceremony, this couple were in high spirits all night. Another very crossed cultured Wedding Lois from HK & Emmanuel originally from France it goes without saying it made it a interesting crowd and a WILD night of NON stop dancing!!