Same Day Edit/Rush Edit

   After the most important part of the Thailand wedding day is over, the big ceremony and I DO’s have finally been said after months or years of planning your destination wedding in Thailand and thinking about your wedding videography outcome. You can now chill out at your reception dinner and watch your amazing wedding ceremony and the build up to it up on a big screen, a 3-4 minute highlights video of your morning ceremonies. This sure will lighten everyones mood and enhance your evening with joy and laughter!. Your Thailand wedding videographer will organise everything with his videography team to make sure they have the right content and amount of time to edit your wedding highlight video on time. 

Ideal for anyone.

Rush edits – Any rush editing needed for parties etc. back in your home city that is before our 10-14 week deadline can be done at a extra cost.

Does NOT include a projector & screen.