Sri Panwa Phuket Wedding Photography

The Baci Productions Vote’d Michelle + Glen’s Wedding at the beautiful Sri panwa Phuket Resort, the best themed and most unique Phuket Thailand Wedding of the year!!.. Glen & Michelle picked our Wedding story video + My all day, all night photography package w/2 photographers + video guest book

I was very challenged by this couple, not so much the bride & groom but by the mother of Michelle, months and months of emails and questions about everything. At first I was just hired as the Videographer but in the last weeks leading to Michelle’s Wedding they hired me as their photographer as well, I was flattered and excited to photograph a Wedding at the famous Sri Panwa resort in Phuket as it is a dream Wedding destination spot for many Photographers, the mother Denise sent me and bunch of famous award winning Wedding photos and said this is what we want for photography is this going to be a issue she said?, I replied well I havent won any awards yet but I also have never submitted to any photo awarding companies so I said no problems. But with that came a lot of pleasure, I wanted to hit a home run with this job BADLY!, with a great video team and 2nd photographer on my side I came into the job at 9am with confidence yet very tired as it was the peek of high season and I havent had a good rest in a few months. When I first arrived I was greeted by the bridal party on the brides side they were very welcoming and relaxed so things started off at ease and I began photographing the morning details and events, later in the morning Michelle’s mother showed up (I feared this meeting) with a friendly smile but strong personality, she chuckled as few times and said “your going to do a good job right?” (I think she said this a few times) I said haha YES of course!, though my confident self started to suffer with much added pressure of being a Wedding photographer at any wedding this made me feel like I was about to fly a plane for the first time and the passengers ask me “we are not going to die right?” :O Later in the early afternoon the clouds came in and it started to down pour, raining non stop, this didnt look promising and I feared all the planning and the chance to nail this job was going to be ruined by mother nature (also feeling bad for the couple) but about 30 min before the ceremony the rain stopped and the clouds started to clear so we were able to have our Ceremony on the famous roof top, though we didnt have the blue skies and warm sun, some colours did come out and the ceremony went well. The rest of the night was epic as you will see in the next blog from the VDO, great couple, great friends, great family and AWESOME mother!, Thank you Denise for pushing me to my ability, this Wedding has really put me on the map in the Photography world and has made me one of the most popular Destination Wedding Video teams in all of Asia!!… Thank you, Thank you!