Rachel & Kyle | Koh Samui Wedding | Villa Katrani

Koh Samui Wedding at Villa Katrina

The AMAZING wedding of Rachel & Kyle at this “WOW” amazing venue named “Villa Katrani” in Koh Samui, Thailand. This was our first time photographing at this venue and I was at ahhhh upon arriving, like REALLY?, I get to shoot a wedding here!?!, Villa Katrani is a photographers dream, from the landscapes, rooms, stunning view of the ocean to the epic gated entrance that makes you feel like your walking into an ancient Siam palace!. This place had it all, so the first thing I did upon arriving is walk through the entire place and take some detailed location shots (see below), it was semi overcast when i got there and I saw so many potential for some great portraits with all the colours, shadows and highlights coming through the tree’s and would have made some great sunset portraits as-well.

However God had a different plan for me, lol yes the man upstairs always likes to challenge me!, the weather ended up becoming a completely overcast, flat grey and hazy so there goes most the views and portrait ideas!… But things always happens for a reason, the cloudy weather ended up setting a creative mood for my photography throughout the day, setting an ancient Siam vintage feel for the modern day wedding!, which really inspired me in a different way and I learned so much from this experience…. I learned to take advantage of your disadvantage, step outside your comfort zone, to grow we must try new things, look at the world in a new way and the result was a magical capture of this beautiful couples wedding… Rachel & Kyle were very friendly and easy going from the beginning, so easy to work with and talk to, the greatest thing I find in my business is that because photography is so personal to each person that the clients tend to gravitate towards the not just a professional photographer who takes good photo’s but they subconsciously chose a photographer with a similar personality and outlook on life, hence why 99% of my clients are super sa-bai (sa-bai = laidback/easy/relaxed in the THAI language) like myself!.. Anyways what a great wedding, with great people and a super dedicated wedding planner “Natalie” from “DREAM ASIA WEDDINGS” … Enjoy the photos