Private Villa Wedding at Bann Chang Thai

Intimate Private Villa Wedding in Phuket

Here is a Phuket, Thailand private luxury villa wedding of Kory & Ashley at Bann Chang Thai Villa I shot recently. This wedding to me stuck out because it was such an intimate and relaxed event. Kory & Ashley from America (Ashley originally from Vietnam) had their very closest friends and family attend totalling 20 people at this lovely Thai themed villa on a perfect sunny Phuket day in June. The ceremony was beautiful with both the bride and the groom sharing not only their vows but stories about each other and how they met causing tears from everyones eyes!. After the ceremony followed a nice dinner and setting where the guests all made a speech, then after dinner was a full on water fight with water balloons!, lol I was not told about this so imagine the panic my team and I were in trying to hide our expensive camera gear away from the action!. To end the formalities they had a fire spinner show followed by some fireworks. What a beautiful day!, enjoy the photo gallery.