Pre-Wedding + Wedding Photography & Video @ Laguna, Phuket

Ok so these Weddings in SE Asia just keep getting better and better, filled with rich mixed culture’s finding love abroad then to get Married abroad, well it all sounds odd…….Well it is, in a sweet way, this young Bride who I must say is not only stunningly beautiful, but she is extremely smart and sharp as a arrow!. WOW when Ali first contacted me I must say she came on strong to me in a business manner with swift and tactful questions keeping me on my toes at all times with close to 50 email exchanges I can truly say I had to work to get this job as she wanted me to. Ali had everything SUPER organized with a spread sheet 4-6 pages long with a very detailed schedule for the event and her families stay in Thailand. Come to find out she is a Lawyer from Australia (explains allot) who was born in Thailand and moved to Oz at a young age with her parents, the groom Uwe from Germany somehow met Ali at a young age while traveling I believe and they traveled together a bit and maintained a long distance relationship on and off for years. Now here they are happily married in Thailand and on their way to Italy for their honeymoon before returning to Australia. The Wedding went according to Ali’s detailed schedule, bride and groom got prepared at the Outrigger resorts, Church ceremony at the Laguna chapel followed by a Thai water blessing ceremony then off to the The Pavilions Resorts Phuket for the reception… Thanks DB team member Jaran for the Pre-Wedding photos as I couldnt be there due to a Wedding I had on that day in Samui and thanks for teaming up with me for their Wedding photo shoot as I was running around doing both Video & Photos with the help of my 2nd video camera man Dexter taking the lead at this Wedding. LOL, I had my hands full but we got some great shots, video soon to come.