Pre wedding video session

Sometimes on the wedding day things are so hectic, fast paced and everything has a tight schedule that we have to try and follow. As you can see from many of my films I like to tell your story and I heavily rely on the wedding couples photo shoot (“B-Roll” we call it)  to create your story to be placed over much of the audio from the ceremony and/or speeches, however in many cases due to the tight schedule and the photographer needing his shots as well we dont always get enough footage as we would like or it can sometimes just feel very rushed. Having the 1-2hr pre wedding video shoot can really not only help the wedding story but can spice up your entire video when mixed with your real wedding moments, dont worry you dont have to be dressed in you wedding outfits, it can be totally casual, stay on location or go off site. We can even do a little interview just incase we dont have enough good audio bits to use from your wedding day, another way to spice up the video especially if you have a interesting love story… We can get real creative with it and film some holiday moments/scene’s underwater swimming, cliff diving or what ever you maybe getting into the weeks/days before your wedding here in Thailand.

Or make it a separate video itself similar to a save the date style video….. Even add a pre wedding photo shoot if you’d like and get a discount on both services

Price start from a 1 hour on location shoot at $120.00USD any extra time or locations prices are $120.00USD++++