Phuket Wedding Videography at the Sava Villa, Phuket

What a wonderful Wedding with a wonderful couple at a great location “The Sava Villa Natai Beach, Phang Nga / Phuket” another amazing mix of cultures, the bride was from England and the groom was raised in the UK most of his life but was from India. So they had a early morning Sikh ceremony in Phuket town before this whole western Wedding event your about to see on video, unfortunately I was only there to capture the western ceremony hosted by “Phuket Wedding Events” company in whom did a great job on the day & nights events. This was a 5 star Luxury Event so it made creating a great video much easier, above are just some quick photographs I snapped off while filming. DBaci teamed up with Bangkok based Photographer “Aidan Dockery” a very experienced and talented Photographer.