Phuket Wedding Photography | Pullman Arcadia Resort

Nathan & Yin Phuket wedding at the Pullman Resort

Nathan & Yin Phuket, Thailand destination wedding at the Pullman Arcadia Resort Naithon Beach.

A mix of Chinese traditional morning gate crash & tea ceremony followed by a western ceremony on the hotels deck… The day started out early with the madness of the Chinese gate crash where the bridesmaid make the groom & groomsman prove they are worthy enough by doing some really funny yet torturous things till the girls give in and hand the groom over to the bride… The gate crash & tea ceremony is an age-old Chinese tradition that has evolved through the centuries, I wish in the western cultures we had something like this, its allot of fun to watch and can image even a better time participating in the games!.

After the morning ceremony we took the bridal party for a quick photoshoot before lunch, then it was time to get ready for the western ceremony on the deck of the resort. Simple but lovely ceremony with an exchange of vows & rings, once the ceremony was over it was time to relax (for the couple that is). We did a quick portrait session on the beach and around the resort and caught the most beautiful sunset that brought out some really amazing colors and contrasts!.

Wedding Photography by: Daniel Baci

Wedding Planner: The Bridal Planners 

Wedding Venue: Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach Resort