Phuket October Rain | Wedding at Sri Panwa

Wedding Ceremony at Sri Panwa Resort Phuket

Phuket, Thailand wedding at Sri Panwa Resort started out as a sunny day but with the weather here in October during the rainy season nothing is promised. Come ceremony time at around 4:30pm a big dark cloud started to roll in we see this all the time and it doesn’t always mean rain so the show must go on!.

As soon as the couple enter the ceremony and it starts that little cloud all of a sudden looked like the end of the world was coming!. The wind started to pick up, the brides hair was going everywhere and you can see no only a big cloud you could actually see the rain itself moving in so we had to cut it before everyone got soaked.. The couple wanted to delay the ceremony and wait till it clears but it didn’t look like that was happening anytime soon.

The wedding planner finally made the call and set up the ceremony inside around 5:30-6pm, it was getting dark fast so no options to wait any longer. Long story short the couple was super cool about it all and didn’t let the rain ruin their entire day so the night went on like nothing happened..