Maki & Stephen | Sri Panwa Resort | Phuket Wedding Photography

Phuket Thailand wedding of Maki & Stephen at Sri Panwa Resort & Spa in Phuket, Thailand, Sri Panwa being one of my favourite venues in Thailand and definitely the best in Phuket!. I love it for its picturesque locations from jungle settings, private beach setting, interesting spa, glamorous view tops with pools, the lights & shadows pop up everywhere in this venue so as a professional photographer & videographer I just cant get enough!.. Oh and how did I forget, the stunning view top of BABA NEST for some stunning sunset photo’s with a dreamy UNREAL backdrop of red, orange, pink, purple, blue colours in the sky and you can even see a little bit of some mountain tops (Islands) in the far distance..

This wedding was super fun as my full team of wedding videographers, my second assistant photographer and myself had plenty of time to get creative and with a FULL TEAM its just easier to cover everything and not have to worry as much!. Allowing us to be more creative then if we were the only photographer on site and a full team of 3 videographers helps big time as there is SOOO much involved in the video department and so much more equipments to move around all day then us photographers!… Stephen & Maki from Singapore were super easy to work with as well, super nice and down to earth people which helps because the more we can connect with our wedding couple the more confirmable we will all be with each other and it makes it much more magical and stress free for you the wedding couple to have a camera in your face much of the day/night. Some people just get nervous or just feel unconformable in general, this is very normal so dont worry I know how to work around this, after 300+ weddings that I have shot here in Thailand I have met all different types of people from just about every part of the world.. The important thing is to just have fun and enjoy yourself’s, your family, Thailand and each other!, if your worried about whats next all the time and you cant seem to relax and enjoy the moment this can effect your photos, how the day will unfold storytelling (photo documentation), your portraits and more!… I try not to be overly formal at all from our very first email as I think because having that connection/relationship with my clients is so important for how everything may turn out, so I try to be as down to earth as possible and as REAL as possible without losing any professionalism.. Once we are friends that will be working together at your wedding, you will drop your guards and feel completely at ease and confirmable in front of the cameras as I will also have my guards down feeling more at ease “YES US PHOTOGRAPHERS GET STRESSED OUT TOO” all that nervous tension in the air can rub off on us!.. So lets be friend’s! 😀

Oh LOL sorry I just got completely off the subject here didnt I?, haha sorry!, well there is still a good read there and I hope it helps you understand what is about to come your way!.

I would continue with Stephen & Maki Phuket, Thailand wedding story but as you may know most of us wedding photographers & videographers dont like to tell a story with our words, we express the story we want to tell through our beautiful photos & videos!.. So have a look at the gallery and enjoy!….BUT FIRST CHECK OUT THEIR WEDDING VIDEO….. Cheers