Max & Dina – Koh Samui, Thailand wedding @ The Nora Buri Resort

Koh Samui destination wedding photograph’s of Max & Dina at the Nora Resort in Koh Samui, Thailand. Dina a former Muay Thai fighter whom I knew not personally but through the Muay Thai boxing world, I remember I filmed-photographed a couple of her fights back when I was a combat sports journalist but we never met. When she sent me an email regarding her wedding I recognised her but didnt think much of it till she asked me “do I know you from somewhere?” then it all came into place. Max her husband is a Policeman, so the day was filled with entertaining personalities!, I had to theme a few shots based off the the Muay Thai boxing & cop thing.. We had a great time, thank you for having us.

Photography & Videography by Daniel Baci and The Baci Productions