Never Say Never – Koh Samui Wedding Photography

Here is a very cute love story about a young couple from Hong Kong who grew up together as close friends since their early teenage years, they always moved apart from each other but always remained really good friends. Chatting on the phone, online no matter where in the World they were living they always kept close, even visiting each other many times but they were never romantic “just friends”, Chris (groom) use to make jokes to Michelle (Bride) , that if they start to grow old and are not Married yet that they would get Married to each other (HAHAHA), Michelle always use to say “NEVER” but Chris always replied with “NEVER SAY NEVER”………. I dont think I have to say anything more other then it was my GREAT pleasure to be their hand picked Photographer for their Wonderful Wedding at the Banyan Tree, Koh Samui, Thailand. C & M also hired my team for Wedding Videography, look for that in the near future. 🙂