Milan Italy Destination Wedding Photography

Milan Italy Wedding Photographer

Sara & Stefano, Milan Italy wedding by destination wedding photographer Daniel Baci. What an incredible experience I was given to travel to Milan Italy to photograph a wedding with a fellow photographer/friend Aurore Martignoni, in Milan.

Being an American Italian (living in Thailand), I have always not just dreamed of shooting a wedding in Italy but all my life I have been dreaming of visiting Italy so what better way to kill 2 birds with 1 stone?, well that’s exactly what I did!…

I booked about 5-6 days in Italy, I stayed mainly in Milan as that’s where the wedding was but I managed to take a 2-day trip to Venice via train which was fantastic!.. Okay back to the wedding……

The morning started with the normal serving of chaos!, I had to meet “Aurore Martignoni” just outside of Milan city early in the morning to make it to the bride’s room for preparation. I woke up super early, downed a few expressos, and left my “flat” in the city. if anyone knows Milan they know that Milan has one of the BIGGEST subway systems in the world!, lucky me I had google maps right? 😉

well no, google maps don’t always get the directions to spot on, I ended up not taking a connecting line because my google Maps didn’t say anything about a connecting train and I ended up in the middle of nowhere!. I phoned Aurore (or she phone the late guy) telling her where I thought I was, come to find out later that I was way far away from where she was waiting for me. So Aurore and I finally found each other, she picked me up in one of those tiny mini Euro cars!, (haha had a few laughs driving around in that) and we were on our way with little trouble other then being 45 min late to meet the bride!..

The rest of the day had very little chaos because the bride & groom and the entire wedding party were so relaxed and easy going!, like most weddings, everything went super fast and the next thing I know we are finished with the Church ceremony and are heading to the Dimore del Gusto for the wedding reception. Everything is a little more spaced out time-wise compared to the flow of a hectic Thailand beach wedding that I am so used to. I have already had a few adrenaline dumps by 5pm and was feeling a bit tired already, I was thinking to myself well this is Italy, I know Italians love to monja (eat) so hopefully, there will be a good break soon. I was spot on, everyone sat down to eat including us the photographers and we ate, then ate, then ate well if you come from an Italian family you know what I mean, I am pretty sure it was a 10 corse meal!, but it was just what I needed to restore my energy and it was nice to be around a large Italian family again, it reminded me of functions I use to attend with my Parents & sibling when I was growing up and living in Thailand I rarely get to feast on a huge Italian meal!.. The rest of the night was filled with fun, laughter oh and BACI’s LOL, all night I kept hearing everyone screaming my last name “baci, baci, baci” it means KISS in the Italian language so they would chant it for the B&G to kiss but it sure had me on my toes!.. As you can see I took a lot of photos of people throughout the day because the wedding vibe was very family & friend oriented!… Thank you Aurore, Stef & Sara for having me, I had the time of my life and my dream to be a Milan Italy wedding photographer came true. #DREAMSdoCOMEtrue