Koh Samui Church & Villa wedding

Koh Samui, Thailand wedding Photography & Videography by Daniel Baci and The Baci Production’s. Janet & Kenneth from Dubai contacted me about 1+ years before the wedding with a list of questions about 2 pages long and after about 30 email exchanges they finally decided to hire me.. The wedding was a long one with early morning Church ceremony followed by a beach ceremony followed by games. games, dancing and more dancing!.. Really it felt like 2-3 day event but they managed to stuff everything into a 16 hour day! :O

Lucky me they were a super fun and easy going couple so the 16 hours wasnt as stressful as it could have been and I had a large team of 3 photographers and 3 videographers in total!, somehow at the end of the night we all ended up in the party with camera’s down, the family let us right in..

Enjoy the wedding photo’s