Indian Wedding + Sikh Ceremony + Catholic Church Wedding Photography & Videography

Was a interesting mesh in culture, religion and heritage from this 3 + day Wedding event in Phuket, Thailand. The brides was from Pakistan (a Cristian), the groom from India (Sikh Hindu) both spent most of their lifes living in Australia and decided to get Married in Thailand. This was a very different experience for my team and I tending to both the Photography & Videography for all 3 days, the 1st night I spent a little time with the bride taking photos & video of her henna session, then the next day was the Sangeet ceremony followed by dinner & loads of dancing, day tw0 was the Gurdwara ceremony at the Sikh Temple in Phuket Town followed by the Catholic Church ceremony and on day 3 was the Wedding reception at the Indigo Pearl where food, drinks and more Bollywood dancing would take place. Needless to say it was a colorful, fun and educating Wedding for us and I know I look forward to my next Indian Wedding!, Video and more photos coming soon.
– DB