From Phuket to Phang Nga holiday Photo shoot

Well it was a colourful vacation the Wife and I had at the i-din resort in Phang-Nga, Thailand. This hidden gem was tucked away in the jungle surrounded by Waterfalls, wild animals, mountains and Palm trees. Oh yes paradise away from paradise a much need break from it all, far enough away from “WORK” with just my wife and I.

Thats till the Photographer came out of me, even on Vacation I can not seem to get the camera out of my hands, no breaks lets shoot!.. Photography is one of my passions and what better subject to work with then my beautiful wife “Nee Baci”?, after all she is the one that got me started on portrait photography.. Years ago we use to go out for photo shoots together all the time, it was good practice for me and my wife just loves the camera (and attention) but since I have been a full time working Photographer & Videographer I find myself with little time or desire to take photos when I don’t have to and Nee has been bugging me forever for a new photo session so here we go I found the motivation and we got some good shoots with the little time we spent.