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About Wedding Photographer in Phuket, Thailand - Daniel Baci

    Hi, I’m Daniel Baci an American-Italian AWARD-winning destination wedding photographer in Phuket, filmmaker, proud father, husband, and owner of Luxury Events Thailand based in Phuket and Koh Samui Thailand. I have been one of the most trusted wedding & event companies since 2011. Voted in the TOP 100 BEST Wedding Photographers in the WORLD by Wedding Photographers Society Magazine 2017 also I was awarded as the best wedding photographer in Thailand by LUX LIFE Magazine 2019 and I won 2019 “business Excellence award” from THE BIZZ Awards.

I have also had the honor to photograph and film many high profile and even a few celebrity weddings in Thailand such as Vanessa Sim (Miss Singapore International  2014 & Miss International contestant) and 8x UFC fighter Brian Ebersole, celebrity stunt double & actor Brian Ho & Leifennie Asanuddin Ang (stunted & acted in movies such as X-Men, Power Rangers, Transformers, Resident Evil, Twilight, Marco Polo, Beyond Redemption, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor & more) all weddings held in Phuket.

My photographic, visual style is a combination of documentary photography, fine art photography, and dark & moody portraiture. I love to weave together compelling series of photographs that make for an excellent and elegant retelling of weddings, capturing not only the fine details but also incorporating the beauty of the scenery that surrounds his subjects. Coming from a family of artists, I was born with a natural, artistic eye.  I am inspired by Thailand’s sunsets, I have captured many beautiful wedding photos that highlight this wondrous natural phenomenon, translating that beautiful warm glow into stunning, unforgettable photographs. I likes to work discreetly, behind the scenes, so my clients can fully bask in the moment without any interference. The best short description is “unrehearsed and unscripted”.

My Thailand wedding videography services, I have built & trained a large team of both Phuket, Koh Samui wedding cinematographers and video editors, they professionally edit the wedding video footage, creating an all-encompassing visual and sound narrative that includes your entire Thailand wedding celebration from start to finish, and captured by various cameras to ensure that no special moment is missed!. Contact your wedding photographer here 

My Story

   I was born just outside of Boston, Massachusettes, then moved to the beautiful city of Charlotte, NC till I was 7 years of age before moving back up north and settling in a small town called Brewster on the famous island of Cape Cod, MA. My father James Baci was also once a professional photographer & videographer but later just became a hobbyist so I was born with a camera in my face. Most of my family were/are also artists or creative people, from painting, and photography to craft making we all see the world differently. I always knew I wanted to do something creative but didn’t know what, as a young adult I struggled to find my place in the world, working so many different jobs such as carpentry, house painting, plumbing, garbage man, to being an automotive technician. In fact, I completed a 2-year college course in automotive technology but I wasn’t happy with any of these trade jobs. One day I signed up for a MMA class at a local school where I fell in love with martial arts. I know what you’re thinking “what does this have to do with photography?” and let me explain. 

During my obsession with MMA (mixed martial arts) a friend and I found this Muay Thai & MMA training camp in Phuket, Thailand on the internet. (do you see where this is going?) In my mid 20’s I decided to save all my money and travel to Thailand to study the great martial art of Muay Thai for 2 months in Dec. of 2016. This trip would change my life forever!, I immediately fell in love with Thailand, the sights, the smells, the food, the people, and the sport of Muay Thai. Once I returned home I felt empty again, even more so after experiencing what life could be like, I told amazing stories to my friend and family about my time in Thailand but I didn’t take many pictures so the stories were just that, “just a story”. The following year I would return to Thailand for a few months, this time I bought a decent “point & shoot” camera so i could document everything, so I did just that, I filmed and photographed literally everything. Making small youtube video montages, and editing photos in photoshop so I can share my experience with my friends and family. My photos and videos weren’t very good at the time but I knew I really enjoyed creating them. Every day my friend and I would talk about our time traveling in Thailand and we just wanted to find a way to live there. One day out of the blue I had an idea, I could use my video skills to produce marketing content for the Muay Thai gym and build a business making highlight video for its guests. I had a friendship with the owner at the time whom is also American so I sent him an email pitching my idea. A week went by and I didnt hear from him, I started to give up hope but then I got the email, “Daniel I’d love to have you on board”!. After a few months of planning, I sold everything I had and moved to Phuket, Thailand in Aug. of 2009 where I would intern for the gym and develop my photography & videography skills. I successfully boosted the gyms profile generating over 8 million views on youtube within a few years, helping it to become the biggest and best destination fitness gym in the world!. I also had success building a company within the gym, my services became very popular for visitors but I was still struggling financially and feared I would one day soon have to return to the cold NE of America. This motivated me most, one day I met a fellow photographer at the gym, she told me that she is a wedding photographer, at the time I haven’t even considered wedding photography, mainly because I didn’t really know it was a profitable thing. This photographer would go on and shoot some weddings here in Phuket and recommended me as a videographer to one of her clients. This would be the moment that would “again” change my life, I went on to film a couple of weddings and 2nd her as an assistant photographer. The weddings blew my mind, witnessing people from all over the world get married at these amazing beachfront wedding venues here in Phuket was just awesome so with the $1000usd I had in my bank and with a borrowed camera I started my wedding photography business here in Thailand in 2011. Since then I have shot over 300+ weddings worldwide, got married myself, bought a home and had a child here in Phuket where I call my forever home. -Daniel Baci 

Phuket Wedding Videography

Wedding Photography in Thailand

Why Daniel Baci Photography?

Daniel Baci is one of the most experienced destination wedding photographers in Thailand with over 300 weddings shot between Phuket, Koh Samui, Krabi and other cities in Thailand. Daniel Baci also has a proven track record of not just taking beautiful photographs and videos but of excellent customer service. 

Do you photograph just weddings ?

No I also offer pre-wedding/engagement, family, honeymoon, product, property/real estate photography & videography and more. 

I already hired a videographer can you work with other videography teams?

Yes of course if you already have a wedding videographer and want me as your wedding photographer, there is no need to worry. I work with just about all the videography teams here in Thailand, we all know each other and work together often. Same goes for hiring other photographers and keeping me as your videographer only.

What is the process of hiring you as our Thailand wedding photographer & videographer?

After the initial emails and or video calls, if you do choose to hire me as your Thailand wedding photographer then the next steps to confirm me are

A small deposit via Paypal or bank transfer

A signed contract/agreement

That’s it we are confirmed!