Wedding Videography

A secret vow

Well some people come to Thailand to have a “smaller” more private Wedding and some people want a very private Wedding with nobody around!, this couple said there vows privately on the beach not even leting their Photographer (me) close. I mean why not?, or should I say WHY KNOT?, a private exchange in vows …

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Phuket Russian Love Story, Wedding Videography

Well I dont need to speak Russian to see that this couple are happily in-love and now happily Married. Since my last Russian Wedding Video I released I have somehow have now become the premier Russian Wedding Videographer in Thailand!, this is a great honor as I enjoy Russian Weddings, always filled with fun games, …

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Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony

A Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony is a very popular Wedding here in Phuket, Thailand with most couple’s coming from Singapore and Hong Kong. It’s always fun to be the Videographer or Photographer at these events because its so rich with culture and tradition. Looking forward to my next one this month