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The Naka Resort Phuket | Wedding Photographer

The Naka Resort Phuket | Wedding Photographer

The Naka Phuket Luxury Resort | Wedding Photography

The Phuket, Thailand destination wedding of Charlene & Ray from Hong Kong at The Naka Resort.

One of my favourite resort venues in Phuket is The Naka Resort, I love it for its shades, shadows and highlights that I get to play with while capturing a wedding, it allows me to get creative with colours, use a highly technical photography tricks to manipulate lighting to give that “high dynamic range” people are raving about!.

If you pay attention to my work/blogs you will notice a difference in styles in almost each one, this is because I believe that every wedding, its venue, its lighting, its time/kind of day is different so as a professional photographer I adapt to optimise the quality of my product and the general mood of the wedding… I am also continuously learning new tricks, new techniques and forever evolving with photography times!.

On this wedding day of Charlene & Ray we had a great verity of light to work with because one minute we would have clear blue skys with lots of sunshine and the next minute it was overcast or partly sunny/cloudy. During the ceremony we hard a rare case of stormy clouds in the background with sun shining bright on the green lawn overlooking the beach which made a very dramatic look!, normally Im not a big fan of cloudy sky’s but when the 2 mix (sun/clouds) its just an unreal experience for all to witness and lots of fun for us photographers!

Make up Artist: Lisa Allen

Venue: The Naka Resort Phuket

Phuket Wedding Photography | Pullman Arcadia Resort

Phuket Wedding Photography | Pullman Arcadia Resort

Nathan & Yin Phuket wedding at the Pullman Resort

Nathan & Yin Phuket, Thailand destination wedding at the Pullman Arcadia Resort Naithon Beach.

A mix of Chinese traditional morning gate crash & tea ceremony followed by a western ceremony on the hotels deck… The day started out early with the madness of the Chinese gate crash where the bridesmaid make the groom & groomsman prove they are worthy enough by doing some really funny yet torturous things till the girls give in and hand the groom over to the bride… The gate crash & tea ceremony is an age-old Chinese tradition that has evolved through the centuries, I wish in the western cultures we had something like this, its allot of fun to watch and can image even a better time participating in the games!.

After the morning ceremony we took the bridal party for a quick photoshoot before lunch, then it was time to get ready for the western ceremony on the deck of the resort. Simple but lovely ceremony with an exchange of vows & rings, once the ceremony was over it was time to relax (for the couple that is). We did a quick portrait session on the beach and around the resort and caught the most beautiful sunset that brought out some really amazing colors and contrasts!.

Wedding Photography by: Daniel Baci

Wedding Planner: The Bridal Planners 

Wedding Venue: Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach Resort 

Villa Kalyana Wedding in Koh Samui Thailand

Villa Kalyana Wedding in Koh Samui Thailand

Koh Samui Wedding at Villa Kalyana

Mike & Rachel’s Koh Samui, Thailand wedding at Villa Kalyana started off early with a “first look”, for those that dont know what that is its when the Bride & Groom have a quick & private meeting before the ceremony, its a beautiful moment to witness the bride & groom see each other all dressed up and ready to go for the first time… Mike & Rachel from America (Cali) traveled much of the world together before deciding to get married, they chose Thailand because of the tropical & cultural paradise the Island of Samui has to offer and Villa Kalyana was the perfect place to bring your closest friends and family to enjoy a week of celebration with its private beaches and large villas with many rooms and separate bungalows on site…. This wedding was more of a party then just a evening of formalities, the groom & groomsmen started with some whisky on ice and the ladies popped a couple bottles of champaign before the ceremony to loosen up the nerves. From the ceremony on it was mainly fun, games, drinking and dancing with their loved ones!… Enjoy the photography gallery.

My BIG FAT Koh Samui GREEK Wedding at YL Residence

My BIG FAT Koh Samui GREEK Wedding at YL Residence

Koh Samui Greek Wedding at YL Residence

The Koh Samui Thailand wedding photography & videography of Jesse & Nysaa at the YL Residence villa’s… What can I say “its in the title”, not my first Greek wedding but was my first BIG greek wedding that was filled with many traditions, LOL loads of dancing which was entertaining and would start and stop without notice so it kept us photographers and videographers on our toe’s and fingers on our cameras all night!.. The ceremony was beautiful, there was a chance of rain that day so they had a marquee decked out just incase the rain did come, but lucky for everyone the rained stayed away and the sun was shining bright!. The bride & grooms son had such a grand entrance into the ceremony with his own remote controlled car and he owned it the whole way!, a great start to a emotional ceremony with very touching vow exchange from Jesse & Nysaa.. Once the ceremony was over everyone was relaxed and ready for the evening festivities which had a few touching speeches and again allot of partying and dancing till sometime in the AM hours…

Wedding Planner: Bliss Event & Weddings Samui

Photographer: Daniel Baci Photography

Videography team: Daniel Baci Photography & The Baci Productions

Video & Photo editor: Daniel Baci

Miss Singapore International Vanessa Sim | Phuket Wedding Photography & Videography

Miss Singapore International Vanessa Sim | Phuket Wedding Photography & Videography

Miss Singapore International Vanessa Sim & Kristian Phuket wedding at The NAKA Resort

A warm partly cloudy breezy day in Phuket for Kristian & Vanessa’s destination wedding in Phuket, Thailand. I started with the girls as usual then made my way over to the boys (grooms) private villa which was just about 15-20min from the Naka Resort. The boys were really chilled out compared to most, not nervous one bit, the groom seemed confident and ready to go so I only need about 15-20 min with them to capture some candid moments and a few portraits then my videography team and photography team had to rush back to the bride to get more of the details and getting ready moments just before the start of the ceremony. I was a little pressed for time but I just had to get a few with the bride, did I mention the bride Vanessa Sim was the former “Miss Singapore International 2014” and a contestant for the “Miss International”?, so a moment for a portrait was a must!…. The ceremony was lovely and everything went according to plan, we had some cloud cover from the portraits so I couldnt play with the lighting but we had that soft flattering light that made an already beautiful couple shine!. During the middle of the dinner we had to move to “plan B” as a little rain started to come in, but good thing the wedding planner “The Bridal Planners Phuket” was ready!, everyone shifted inside in a timely manner and the night carried on wonderfully as planned!.

Make-up Artist Neil Dunkin

Enjoy the wedding photos:

Phuket Wedding Photography | Kristina & Ryan | Sri Panwa Resort

Phuket Wedding Photography | Kristina & Ryan | Sri Panwa Resort

Phuket Wedding Photography of Kristina & Ryan at Sri Panwa Resort

The Phuket, Thailand destination wedding photography & video of Kristina & Ryan at the Sri Panwa ( Baba Nest ) Resort & Spa. Kristina & Ryan of Arizona, (USA) first met in 2002 after Ryan’s brief fling with Kristina’s friend they instantly fell inlove with each other as Ryan’s charming romantic dates of dirt biking and rock climbing swept Kristina off her feet and what man doesnt like a girl who can ride the handle bars of a dirt bike!?!. After many rock climbs Kristina thought she would seduce Ryan with a home cooked dinner and play a little Phil Collins, and yes LOVE was “In the air tonight” (that night) where they had their first kiss.

Over a decade later they decided to get married after Ryan proposed to Kristina of his birthday while she was yelling at him for something silly!, they decided on Phuket, Thailand for their perfect destination wedding as they knew their very closest friend and family would attend and Thailand is well awesome so why not!?!. Kristina first contacted me about 1 year before her wedding date after she saw my profile on Fearless Photographers website and liked my style of photography and videography. She had very few questions and was pretty strait forward with me about what she wanted, she seemed to have some experience in the wedding market and come to find out she works in the market and all her friends (bridesmaids) we experienced luxury wedding planners!!.. HAHA no extra pressure here!, but they were all really early to work with, super friendly and we clicked right away so everything throughout the day was near perfect!….. Enjoy the photos and video