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Joey & Lam’s Wedding at Sri Panwa Phuket

Joey & Lam’s Wedding at Sri Panwa Phuket

Phuket Wedding at Sri Panwa’s Baba Nest

Another stunning Phuket, Thailand wedding at Sri Panwa Resort & Spa. Morning gate crash games with Chinese tea ceremony followed by a western ceremony at the Baba Nest.

Photography & Videography by Daniel Baci and The Baci Productions

My Unborn Son

My Unborn Son

My Unborn Son

Dear my unborn son,

You’ve been in mommy’s womb now for 6 months already, time passes like a goodnights sleep. (continue’d scroll down)

Baby Bump

Unborn but already in our hearts, unborn but already crying for affection (kick,kick), unborn and almost ready for this world.

My legacy, my flesh, my bone, your a gift to this earth, one day you’ll show them, live life with a passion, I know you will.

photographer Phuket

Mommy has never felt so proud, her glow radiates, she’s never looked so beautiful, your already taking care of mommy!. (my boy)

Mommy & Daddy talk to you everyday, at night we play Mozart, Bob Marley, Eric Clapton, The Eagles, & Fleetwood Mac for you. You LOVE the music, I can feel and hear you dancing and doing back flips in mommy’s stomach! 🙂

Life is a journey filled with failure’s, disappointments but its how you carry yourself through, having a positive attitude and keep walking forward. Mommy & Daddy will hold your hand but only for so long, you must experience this but dont worry we will prepare you for the journey. You’ll do GREAT!. We will work harder then ever to provide you with everything you need (not everything you want) to lead a healthy and happy life, what you do as an adult son is “up to you” you can achieve anything you put your mind to, just believe. The nature of the harsh society we live in makes life easier to fail then to achieve just remember the teachings of mommy and daddy and you’ll never be alone.

My unborn son

Lastly to my unborn son, thank you for making Mommy & Daddy complete, we are so excited to meet you and welcome you to this world!



Rachel & Kyle | Koh Samui Wedding | Villa Katrani

Rachel & Kyle | Koh Samui Wedding | Villa Katrani

Koh Samui Wedding at Villa Katrina

The AMAZING wedding of Rachel & Kyle at this “WOW” amazing venue named “Villa Katrani” in Koh Samui, Thailand. This was our first time photographing at this venue and I was at ahhhh upon arriving, like REALLY?, I get to shoot a wedding here!?!, Villa Katrani is a photographers dream, from the landscapes, rooms, stunning view of the ocean to the epic gated entrance that makes you feel like your walking into an ancient Siam palace!. This place had it all, so the first thing I did upon arriving is walk through the entire place and take some detailed location shots (see below), it was semi overcast when i got there and I saw so many potential for some great portraits with all the colours, shadows and highlights coming through the tree’s and would have made some great sunset portraits as-well.

However God had a different plan for me, lol yes the man upstairs always likes to challenge me!, the weather ended up becoming a completely overcast, flat grey and hazy so there goes most the views and portrait ideas!… But things always happens for a reason, the cloudy weather ended up setting a creative mood for my photography throughout the day, setting an ancient Siam vintage feel for the modern day wedding!, which really inspired me in a different way and I learned so much from this experience…. I learned to take advantage of your disadvantage, step outside your comfort zone, to grow we must try new things, look at the world in a new way and the result was a magical capture of this beautiful couples wedding… Rachel & Kyle were very friendly and easy going from the beginning, so easy to work with and talk to, the greatest thing I find in my business is that because photography is so personal to each person that the clients tend to gravitate towards the not just a professional photographer who takes good photo’s but they subconsciously chose a photographer with a similar personality and outlook on life, hence why 99% of my clients are super sa-bai (sa-bai = laidback/easy/relaxed in the THAI language) like myself!.. Anyways what a great wedding, with great people and a super dedicated wedding planner “Natalie” from “DREAM ASIA WEDDINGS” … Enjoy the photos

Koh Samui Wedding Photography | Anantara Bophut Koh Samui Resort

Koh Samui Wedding Photography | Anantara Bophut Koh Samui Resort

Koh Samui Wedding at Anantara Bophut Koh Samui Resort

Such a beautiful wedding at Anantara Bophut Koh Samui Resort, Thailand we had and such a lovely couple to boot!.

The bride a stunning mother of 3 from Australia and high school sweetheart decided to tie the knot in such a beautiful venue in Koh Samui. The spa area at the Anantara has a magical look and feel to it if you can get there in time when the light is shining through the tree’s, it create’s such a soundtrack of portraits, colours and contrasts, a dream for a photographer!.. I would go into more written detail about this wedding but I will leave the visual story telling through my photograph’s… Enjoy

Phuket Pre Wedding | Engagement Photography

Phuket Pre Wedding | Engagement Photography

Pre Wedding | Engagement Photography | Phuket, Thailand

A quick strait to the point pre-wedding / Engagement shoot in Phuket, Thailand literally filled with colours of cultures!

Ben + Joanna who’s wedding I will be photographing in Phuket on April 8, 2018 contacted me with this pre wedding shoot idea they found on the internet using a fluorescent coloured powder they found in little India section of Singapore…. They said they just wanted a few casual photos with a view (15min shoot) then right down to business with the powder fight so we went to the Nai Harn park just in front of Nai Harn beach and they just sprayed each other silly with this stuff!.. Most of my pre wedding shoots are pretty casual, posing at the beach, landmarks, nothing fancy but I must say I really, really enjoyed this shoot, it was hilarious to watch and we got some really funny shots!.. Definitely recommend this to all future couples!, massive thanks to Ben & Joanna for the idea and for letting me share… See you guys next week.

Muz & Eva | Phuket Wedding | Pullman Arcadia

Muz & Eva | Phuket Wedding | Pullman Arcadia

Muz & Eva’s Destination Wedding at Pullman Phuket Arcadia Resort

Colours, culture, and traditions an international crowd of people getting together to celebrate love of Muz & Eva. A Pakistani & Indian background raised in the West “Muz” meets a Hong Kong bride “Eva”, they now they settled in England and decided to jet set for a destination wedding in Phuket, Thailand so family & friends from all over the world could meet somewhere in the middle..

As a photographer I love “ALL” of the above, colours, cultured mixed with traditions, Eva sported a Indian traditional dress for their “Chinese Tea Ceremony” to honour both parents and cultures!… Throughout the day we had a mix of sun and overcast clouds which gave me many different options for portraits and dynamic storytelling. As you can see we had beautiful shadows, shades, contrast and highlights to work with so it made for a very  interesting capture, not to mention I had a wonderful couple to work with who allowed me the creative freedoms, trusting me every minute of the day!.. Thank you so much to Muz & Eva for having us, you both we lots of fun and thank you 3x for feeding us the amazing buffet dinner put together by Pullman Phuket Arcadia Resort and for saving us some table space at the reception, we really felt like part of the wedding party! 

Official Photographer: Daniel Baci

Assistant Photographer: Michelle Hansen